Our Members Are The Future

The Westby Rod & Gun Club is always looking for volunteers to take on leadership roles to help make the club a more active and competitive organization for all members and our community.

As one of the oldest and prestigious sportsman clubs in the state of Wisconsin, we strive to be a leader and an example of what a sportsman club can be. We are looking for the next generation to become volunteers to bring the club into a new era just as the generations of past have done to continue the legacy for our future.

The club needs both individuals and groups to organize events, lead clean up activities, fund-raising and conservation programs, as well as, to update all of our facilities in order to prepare to club for the future.

Share your knowledge, ideas, skills and laughter! Become a Westby Rod and Gun Club volunteer and a community leader. Give us a call or stop by the club and volunteer today!

Current Programs and Events that Need Volunteers Now

  • Sand & refinish the bar top at the clubhouse
  • Painting the interior of the clubhouse
  • All of the club’s signage updated, and/or, repainted
  • Organizers for holiday events and mixers
  • Fixing & updating the playground equipment at the campgrounds
  • Repair projects at both the clubhouse & banquet hall