Westby Rod & Gun Club

Women’s bowling team/Wind Ding Fundraiser

Friday October 25

Chicken drummies or shrimp

Cheesy hash browns and baked beans

5 pm-9 pm

Halloween Party/ Karaoke Oct 26

red and white led light


Karaoke at 8:30

Contest judging starts at 9

Winner: 1/4 barrel party + $50

2nd   $30

3rd    $20

Gun Raffle/ Winchester 30.06 w/scope


$10 per ticket

85 tickets printed

Lunch Specials


Monday Oct 14—-Roast beef, mashed potato and gravy sandwich(no veg)

Tuesday   Oct 15—-Spaghetti and tossed salad, garlic toast

Wed.         Oct 16 —-French dip sand and onion rings

Thurs.      Oct 17—–Bourbon bacon cheeseburger and fries

Friday     Oct 18—Cod  and fries

Dinner specials


Monday’s 5 pm-9 pm———$1.00 Hot Dogs…$1.50 to go

Tuesday’s 5 pm-9 pm———$1.00 Tacos Eat in…$1.50 to go

Wednesday’s 5 pm-9 pm——$1.00 burgers Eat in…$1.50 to go

Thursday’s 5 pm-9 pm——–$3.00 chicken Tenders (4)

Friday Night Fish fry 5 pm-9 pm—-2 piece dinner 7.50, 3 piece dinner $8.50


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