Westby Rod & Gun Club

Fall fundraiser Winners from Oct. 9th

1st place—-Jerry Couillard

2nd———Lyle Wolf

3rd———Cody Abbott

4th———Dave and Roxie Mellem

30 $50 winners

Jamie Olson, Emerald, Bernie Boberg, Trina Shaner, Thomas Pesik, Larry Trute, Calvin & Peggy Berger, Jen Oium, Joel Jepsen, Steve Clemment, Herb Berra, Brandon Hall, Steve Campton, John Hanson, Donald Anderson, Darrell Hemm, Sharon Unseth, Roger Russell, Sweeney, Sherman Bekkum, Steve & Sharon Lueck, Billie Hemm, Joel Young, Anthony Sedlak, Ruth Dach, Stuart Pederson, Levi Sisbach, Kevin Myren, Jason Shafer, Bev Benson.

Congratulations to all that won!

For those who are local and want to pick up their winnings, they can do so at the club uptown.

We will be sending out checks to those who are out of town or don’t pick up.

Thankyou for making our fundraiser a success!

Wednesday night special/Burger and beer $8

Get a burger and a beer for $8

Burger and a pop for $7

Wednesday’s 5p.m.- 9 p.m.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on

Thursday wing night/ 5-9

6 wings $4.00

Choice of sauces:

Buffalo, Asian, teriyaki, BBQ, and bourbon whiskey

Taco Tuesday/$2.00 tacos

Taco salads and nachos too!

Serving 5p.m.-9 p.m.

Carry-outs available…add .50 per to go container

Breakfast served Sat. & Sun.

cooked food on a plate


Breakfast served Saturday 7-11 A.M.

Sunday 8-11 A.M.

Carry-outs available

Friday Night Fish Fry 5-9 P.M.

fried meat beside sliced lemon and white mustard

3 piece Cod dinner, baby red potatoes, baked beans and choice of coleslaw or cottage cheese $9.95

2 piece dinner $8.95

Try our new Batter fried jumbo Shrimp $12.95

6 Shrimp, baby red potatoes, baked beans and choice of sides.

Combination Shrimp and Cod $12.95

3 Shrimp and 2 piece Cod

Daily lunch specials/ Specials  11 – 1 P.M.


Monday  Oct 18 —– Patty melt sandwich and fries

Tuesday Oct 19 ——– Roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy sandwich

Wed Oct 20 ———— Spaghetti and tossed salad, garlic toast

Thursday Oct 21 ——- Reuben sandwich and potato rounds

Friday Oct 22 ———- Batter fried cod and fries

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