1st place—-Jerry Couillard

2nd———Lyle Wolf

3rd———Cody Abbott

4th———Dave and Roxie Mellem

30 $50 winners

Jamie Olson, Emerald, Bernie Boberg, Trina Shaner, Thomas Pesik, Larry Trute, Calvin & Peggy Berger, Jen Oium, Joel Jepsen, Steve Clemment, Herb Berra, Brandon Hall, Steve Campton, John Hanson, Donald Anderson, Darrell Hemm, Sharon Unseth, Roger Russell, Sweeney, Sherman Bekkum, Steve & Sharon Lueck, Billie Hemm, Joel Young, Anthony Sedlak, Ruth Dach, Stuart Pederson, Levi Sisbach, Kevin Myren, Jason Shafer, Bev Benson.

Congratulations to all that won!

For those who are local and want to pick up their winnings, they can do so at the club uptown.

We will be sending out checks to those who are out of town or don’t pick up.

Thankyou for making our fundraiser a success!