We held our annual fall fundraiser Saturday October 10th and here are the winners:

1st place- Westby Locker

2nd place- Danny Mick

3rd place- Dave Bean

4th place- Weldon Erickson

30 $50 winners:

Steve Lueck, Lyle Wolf, Aaron Arneson, Brad Ruys, Sandy peterson, Steve Lueck, Jason Hirschfield, Sharon Unseth, Mike Brock, Norma Bekkum, Becky Schroeder, Sharon Unseth, Janine Morey, Kim Krueger, Kim Bruen, Sally Steinke, Bob Ellis, Paul Lemke, Tom Beckett, Becky Rogers, Tom & Scoob, Corrine Belanger, Arnie Ostrem, Sara Gorniak, Derrick Moe, David Peters, Chris Soltau, Kathy Sobek, Roy Wapp, and Terry Taylor.

Thanks to all that could make it and helping to make the fundraiser a success!

Thank you!